Recently Diagnosed with Bipolar type 2
An_249926 posted:
Female age history of this and similar disorders. I have managed to control most of my "disorder" for years. Due to different situations throughout my adult years, this is where control was lost.
VERY IMPORTANT: *Keep a daily journal of feelings, moods, symptoms and medications.
If I had know that my issues were not just the bad things happening in my life, I would have enjoyed my life with the help of medications and other therapies. This disorder, although is more of a functioning person, it can be dabilitating when unaware of the condition and triggered by stressful situations.
Anger is a huge problem. People look at others with mental disorders as being someone that chooses to be "crazy, angry, frustrated, sad, extreme, etc". It greatly disturbs me that society does not recognize this disorder as a legitimate medical issue. Mental disorders are not chosen and thus everyone suffering needs to speak up.
YOU HAVE A VOICE! Please spread the word. There is help and support.
monkeybee responded:
Hi An_249926,

Welcome to the board! Thank you for your helpful tips! Post as much or as little as you want in this group. There are some very supportive, goofy;), and helpful folks around here.