Community Date :)
CanadianDyanne posted:
Its about time we all got together for another date.

Feb 8th for the opening of "Side Effects"

Wear your best Gothic attire and lets get to some movie watching and popcorn eating.

~Anything but predictable, "Side Effects" is embedded in a world of psychiatric medicine that has become deeply familiar to the tens of millions of individuals who use commonly prescribed mood-altering drugs. Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor — they're all mentioned by name in the film.~
slik_kitty responded:
hi dy!!!!! is it coming to theaters, or is it on tv?
skypper responded:
Yes Dy, tv or theater?
You know I live in a cave with no connection to the outside world other than what people tell me so any info would be very useful to me girlfriend!!!
When nothing's going right, go left!
CanadianDyanne replied to skypper's response:
In Theatres on Feb 8th
Here is the trailor

Its based on a real Dr's documentation with pts and antidepressants.
"The film's story, in fact, was born of Dr. Bardey's experiences in the Bellevue Hospital prison ward, where he began working more than 20 years ago with extremely ill patients, many of whom were sent from the Rikers Island jail complex for treatment."