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Talking Tuesday Daily Post - may contain TRIGGERS
ddnos posted:
Good morning, everyone!

Weather - 29 and foggy

Sleep - good, but only 4 hrs

Mood - good

Plans - my mom is still sick, but she would like for me to come over to help her and to fix meals for her and clean. So I wil be going there this morning and have resigned the fact taht Jeff will be there and I refuse to let him dictate my mood!

Have a good day
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mattthecat responded:
A big Hello From the great state of Texas

Weather 40 and over cast.

Sleep broken into two five hour naps but good

Mood N/A normal just blaa neither happy or sad just here.

Plans I have to see two doctors today I am crossing my fingers finger that the podiatrist I am going to see today can actually help me with my feet and my problem of barley being able to walk. Or if he does repeat the diagnoses of planter factitious he does more then shrug his shoulders and say live with it like my general practitioner has. I have heard that there are some thing like medicine and stretching exercises that can be done for planter factitious but my general practitioner has said i will just have to live with it and given no options. So wish me luck me luck. J says hello also. Debbie I hope for smooth sailing in dealing with Jeff and all that said I hope every one has a good day.

monkeybee responded:
Debbie, I hope your mom feels better and sorry you have to deal with Jeff. ugh. I hope the day goes well for you

Weather: 10 of the coldest of the year!

Sleep: tossed and turned, too much on my mind--tried the new deep breathing and deep muscle relaxation techniques my tdoc has me trying but they didn't work.

Mood: anxious and down...too down and afraid to tell my husband about it.

Plans: School the kids and hopefully find something joyful to do with the kids or by myself. I just need to get through this day, just one day at a time or right now one moment at a time.

I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you for your constant support, friends!
skypper responded:
Good morning!
My doodles, looks like you were up the same hours as i was, not good, we need our rest to be sure. Hope your mom feels better very soon!

Matt, I hope that doc is able to help you with your dogs! It's no fun having sore feet all the time I bet, tell J I say hi too

Miss MonkeyBee good mornin! awwww hope you can get some rest and have an easy day over there, you are right in just taking things day by day, moment by moment, sometimes that's all we can do (((hugs)))

Well as of now our weather is about 60's, forecast for the day is low 80's, so it should shape up to be a bright sunny and warm day today.

I didn't sleep really at all last night, everything is hurting, I don't like to complain much but all my body stuff has compounded; neck, shoulders, back, migraines (i've had this migraine for about 2 1/2 weeks now) and now i'm shaking like a leaf and running around like a crackhead due to being up for so long with no sleep past few days or so....blahhhh
i just can not get comfy in any position, pain meds don't work, i've tried heating pad, ice packs...i'm hoping and hoping my new insurance cards hurry up and get here because I obviously need to get into see a doc asap!

Mood...fidgety, wired, frustrated

Plans are get the 2 kids to their respective schools, have my one home-schooled do his work, I think I'm going to cancel his tutoring today and have it for Thursday instead, need to send out some invoices for a couple jobs so we can get paid, i want to go to the gym, but given how i feel and how my heart is already racing that may not be very prudent of me...and I need to renew some library books and if I can get to the market I need to get a couple things...oh and pick up my daughters prescriptions as well.

I've already cleaned the house, done some laundry, had coffee & toast and woke up all the kids, took out the trash, fed the cat, played with the cat, played with the dogs, played a few games's been and gonna be one of those kind of days....

I guess the only other thing I MUST do is make dinner later this afternoon...hmmmm off to defrost something so it's ready when I need it and get kids in the truck!

Have a good day everyone, it's taco Tuesday so go eat some tacos!!!!

When nothing's going right, go left!
margaroo replied to skypper's response:

I was at the end of a long reply and "POOF" it vanished! I don't have the patience to repeat it, so here is the brief version.

Weather: Sunny, it should be 80 degrees today. Sorry Snowy.

Sleep: Good.

Mood: I have been more anxious since my surgery, I think it is the pain. My pdoc want me to change anti-anxiety meds.

Plans: A couple errands and then dinner with friends. I am not looking forward to the problems this causes my body, but the errands are necessary and I must go to the dinner. I do like the company, though.

Debbie: I hope your Mom feels better and helping her will not be too stressful.

Sky: I am always exhausted just reading your plans.

Matt: Foot pain sucks big time. There is no way avoiding it. I hope there is a doc somewhere who can help.

Now I am going to stretch out and give my back a rest.

Everyone look in the mirror and say out loud : Maggie says hi and she thinks you are terrific."


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skypper replied to margaroo's response:
Awwww hugs Maggie!!!
I always feel exhausted just thinking about the things I've got to do! Looking forward to the day this girl can get a break!
When nothing's going right, go left!
mattthecat replied to skypper's response:
skypper thanks for the well wishes. I went to the doc and found out I have heal spurs and they are treatable.


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