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Thankful Thursday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello my dahlings, I'm so glad that its Thursday

Sleep: not bad but not good. Only a few hours of good sleep.

Weather: raining. blah

Mood: OMG MANIC again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on? This is so not like me

Plans: Watch Power Lunch, probably clean the heck out of the house AGAIN, finish painting pretty little blings on my dress, maybe finish the purse I am making, maybe make a few more bracelets, if I can hold still for a few minutes then maybe I will watch some of the shows that I have taped.......etc.

You all have a good day. muahs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
mattthecat responded:
Big howdy from the great state of Texas.

Sleep - ok but will have the next four days to change that to great or may bee to much.

Weather - sunny and soon to be around if not above 80 degrees

Mood - N/A

Plans- I have none zero zilch other than to be board for the next four days. My foot doctor (podiatrist) says i have heals spurs, planterfacitous and has told me to let my feet rest by staying off them as much as possible until monday. So my plans are to Velcro my self to my lazy boy watch TV play on the computer and let my cats use me as a bed and or jungle gym.

Cookie I hope you get back to your old self soon until then i have four days to bounce posts back and fourth if you want to burn some of that mania on the computer.

Have a healthy and happy day every one.
well not to happy.

skypper responded:
Good morning!

Cookie, you are so creative, I know I've said it before but I think it's awesome yu can make so many cool things

Matt, kick up the feet and relax...hope these 4 days fly by for you!

ok so today it's raining, pretty nice out actually, not too cold and beautiful rainy skies!

sleep wasn't so great, I fell asleep at a decent enough time (around 11pm) but then was wide awake at 1am and could not for the life of me go back to sleep, when i finally did start to drift off a little it was time to get up

mood is meh...i've still got a migraine and it sucks because not only does my head hurt but i feel nauseous as heck

Plans: Take my son to tutoring, take him and I to the gym, then come home and make dinner (already have beans in the crockpot) and clean up a little bit, pick up kids and relax. Maybe rent a movie for tonight or something, gotta love that redbox!

Have a good one y'all!
When nothing's going right, go left!
jselleck replied to skypper's response:
Sky can I have dinner at your place??? I love beans but can't fix them any more due to hubbie's stomach issues. One of my favorite meals during the winter when I was growing up was beans with a little ham in it for flavoring, and cornbread. My mom used to make the best cornbread. From scratch no less. How I miss home sometimes.

Like someone said, supposed to be in 80's today. Have all the windows and the patio door open. Cats love it.

Sleep: So so. Maybe seven hours or so.

Mood: Better than yesterday.

Plans: Was supposed to go job hunting but my friend bailed on me. Guess it's tv on dvd til later when my shows come on. Have a great day my friends.

skypper replied to jselleck's response:
Do you really love beans? LOL, they're ok, but I had them all the time when I was little too but it was because we were so poor and didn't have much else, lol. My mom cooks them with the ham bone or sometimes bacon too for flavoring these days. I'm thinking of also making some ground beef with seasoning (I looked up how to make my own taco seasoning a couple weeks ago and it came out great!) and doing like bean & beef tostadas, it's the end of the month and our pantry is getting a bit thin
But of course you are welcome, there's always enough to share to be sure!

We didn't make it to the gym today because my son forgot to bring his shorts or sweats & was wearing jeans, so I didn't want to waste the gas driving all the way back down there, maybe
When nothing's going right, go left!
margaroo replied to skypper's response:
Good evening my friends!

Alas, I will be the last post of the day.....

Weather: It rained until the afternoon and now it is cool and breezy. More rain to come, but it is gentle.

Sleep: My sleep is getting better. I wake up only once now.

Mood: Good.

Plans: Well, I never got out with my friends on Tuesday because my back was in major spasms. Wednesday didn't get anything done because I was not better, but today I feel the best I have felt ...ever since the surgery. Got out of the house in the afternoon, and it felt great.

I hope all of my friends have a good night and have sweet dreams.


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