Hopefully a better day Tuesday daily post. Possible triggers
jselleck posted:
Weather: Overcast. Supposed to rain today. We'll see.

Sleep: Better. Actually got almost 9 hours.

Mood: Looking up. Still possibly manic.

Plans. Go by hubbie's work to get and turn in some paperwork. Return boots we bought last week because they aren't steel toed. Urrrr. Wal-Mart run, mail letter to Social Security and my niece, then grocery run. Hopefully cook dinner if we're not too worn out after all that running around. Got a really interesting PBS show called Downtown Abby through Netflix. Gonna watch it tonight till Flashpoint comes on then after a little too maybe. Husband has to work 1am to 5am because they're having issues at his work. Which means I need to wash his uniform soon. Ugh!!! A wife's work is never done. You'd think since there's only the two of us living in our place that I wouldn't have to do laundry so often. But it's practically an everyday ocurance. You'd think we had a newborn or something!!! At least he has two uniforms now so I don't have to wash them every day. That's a blessing within itself.

Well, I've bitched and moaned enough. Looking like today's going to be a better day for me, hoping the same for all my wonderful crazy friends!!! Take care.

bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings

Weather: nice

Sleep: good

Mood: up and down. My hair has been falling out like crazy lately. Every time I wash my hair, handfuls come out and when I brush it even more falls out. I'm trying not to get upset about it but I just want to cry. I need to straighten myself up and NOT cry. I have more important health issues to worry about.

Plans: make a bracelet and play LOTRO tonight.

Hope your all well. muahs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie