Friday post/poss.triggers
bpcookie posted:
hello dahlings, in bed due to pain and using ipad. so This will be short

weather. nice

sleep. good

mood. ok

plans. sit in bed to ease my pain. last night my back hurt so bad tha i could hardly walk and hubby had to cut the chicken on my plate because it hurt too much for me.

love ya,s muahs
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jselleck responded:
You poor poor thing Cookie. Sending big HUGS to ya!!!

Weather: Sunny and clear. Mid 50's.

Sleep: Pretty good. Had trouble falling asleep last night though and horrible dreams. shudder

Mood: Tired, but okay.

Plans: Make dinner, watch tv. Got to talk to a good friend from college today. Wonderful to catch up with her. Hadn't talked since Nov. Were really close in college. Miss her and the rest of the gang. Not much else going on. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

ddnos responded:
weather - cool, sunny

sleep - good

mood - depressed

plans - slept all day till now. if i can get myself together, will have a shower soon, then who cares afterwards.
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purpledolphingirl4 replied to ddnos's response:
Wished I could sleep all day but I have been too busy. There's a lot going on for me right now. I will sleeeeeeepp in tomorrow.

ddnos replied to purpledolphingirl4's response:
beej,believe me, you really don't wish you could sleep all day; it's not as "nice" as it seems. Being busy does wonders for warding off depression, sleeping too much only breeds it.

Have a good day
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown