Slightly better day Saturday daily post. Possible triggers.
jselleck posted:
Weather: Blue skies and sunny. Nice day to go for a walk.

Sleep: Only seven hours, but better than yesterday. No nightmares!!!!

Mood: Hopeful. So far today is going better than yesterday.

Plans: Spent the past four hours goofing around on the computer. Really need to get my butt in gear and clean some. Got the coffee table clean yesterday. Considering how I felt major accomplishment. Got a letter wrote to my niece in the Air Force. Buddy mailed it for me. Talked to my sister in law. Firmed up plans for trip to San Antonio next month for niece's graduation from basic. Really looking forward to that. Haven't seen that part of the family in two years. Everyone has gotten so big according to pictures sent for Christmas. Sigh, wish we all lived closer. Maybe if we ever win the lottery or something. Hope everyone has a fantastic week-end. Take care my friends.