Got to talk to my dad today. (= Possible trigger.
jselleck posted:
Went out on a limb today and called my parents' place. And my dad answered!!! (Mom was at a friend's place. Thank goodness.) We talked for half an hour about this and that, IU, the Super Bowl, baseball cards, I was in heaven. Did get some bad news though. )= He saw his cancer doctor last month and his white blood cell count is low again. )= It was 3.8 which is in the high low category, but it was 5.5 in November. Really really sucks. Plus his doctor was in a meeting so he didn't get to see him or his nurse practioner. But on the good side as far as we know the cancer is still in remission. He goes back in March for a regular follow up visit. Hopefully we'll get good news then. Got my fingers crossed and as Grandma always says "Saying my Hail Marys." She's a hoot isn't she?? No offense to any Catholics out there. Hope everyone is having a good day. Take care my friends.

bpcookie responded:
J sweet heart, I am so glad that you called your father. hugs honey
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