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Soooo need to rant. (Possible MAJOR trigger)
jselleck posted:
So need to get this off my chest. Sorry if this offends or upsets anyone. I warned you....

SO SO SO HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!!! They are impossible to work with and so don't understand our condition, wants, or needs. I have to find a new counselor AGAIN because the totally wonderful fantastic guy I've been working with the past six months has changed his schedule and no longer fits mine. So so so wished we had a second vehicle and I could drive again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would make it sooo much easier when it came to appts and dealing with life in general. But if wishes were gold, we'd all be rich. Or as they said in one of my favorite movies "if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his bleep on the ground all the time." (Love Wayne's World.) But I digress. Tried searching for a counselor in my area that offers evening appts and specializes in bipolar. Zip, Zero, Nada. So I tried just evening appts. Again, zip, zero, nada. So I called my insurance. Got a very nice caring person for a change. Told her my predicament. She tried. Again, zip, zero, nada. She tried just bipolar. Again, zip, zero, nada. By this time I'm getting really really frustrated and my blood pressure is rising. So she tried just those who specialized in adult services. Found a total of six people. Six people in the whole DFW area!!!!! So she agreed to e-mail me the list and told me if I still couldn't find someone after calling those 6 to call back and see if I could qualify for a special exemption. Hit pay dirt with the second I called thank goodness. Have to drive to Arlington AGAIN, which isn't going to make hubby happy because it's south Arlington this time, but hopefully will work out. At least it's a woman this time, which is a welcome change. And it's not Bedford, which is where the first person I called is located. Making that trip every other month is enough thank you very much. If my pdoc wasn't so awesome wouldn't even be making that trip. But he is, so we do.

Thanks for letting me rant. You guys are awesome. Soooo glad I found this site and you all became my friends. Have a great day everyone.

bpcookie responded:
Oh hun, you are always welcomed to rant. big hugs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
jselleck replied to bpcookie's response:
Thanks Cookie, you're the best. Some good news. Have an appt with the new gal next tuesday. Hope she's okay. She sounded interesting on the phone. Matt's willing to pay out of pocket if we have to to get me someone good. Hope we don't have to. Last experience with doing that was a nightmare. Got my fingers crossed. Later all!!! Oh, and thanks again guys for being my friends and listening to me complain all the time. He he he. Later.

ddnos replied to jselleck's response:
Good luck, J, with the new tdoc!

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