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sandtiger posted:
= Admitted =

I sit here, unbent,
collapsed in my chair and
in my soul.
My ankles wrap around the
metal of the chair;
otherwise my feet will slide
and I will follow
From one collapsed, to a
puddle on the floor.
I am tired but not allowed to move.
Time drags, pulling me along behind it.

.... wrote this the second time I was admitted.

ps. Feel free to add your own poetry to this thread.

~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
sandtiger responded:
= Don't Change =

I want to hear you say it
just once:
Don't Change.
I want to hear you say
It's okay
I love you
You're Perfect
It'll be okay.
Just once, I want to hear it:
You're everything I need;
Don't Change.

~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
ddnos replied to sandtiger's response:
I really like this one, San! Thanks for sharing!

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
monkeybee replied to sandtiger's response:
Great poetry, San! I really like your style.

Here's one of mine, fitting for this board!

Emotional Minefield:

The anger, it comes. It comes with fierce passion. It's hidden behind perfumed sweaters and manic smiles. It's hidden in this glass house with steal basement walls. The intensity nears rage, and I spit clouds of fire. But it just comes.

The arrogance, it comes. It comes with fleeting measure. It's hidden behind polished humility and painful composure. It's hidden well in meek little words. It's hidden in magnetic walls that contort reality into shame. Pride pulses through me, to my core. But it just comes.

I'm furiously dancing though past memories and my heart pounds intensely. How will I survive this emotional minefield? I am seething. I am writhing. I am screaming. Such elusive delusions bring only confusion. Caution averted; sanity defiled. I am torn to pieces by merciless explosives. I will never overcome this minefield. It just comes.
skypper replied to monkeybee's response:
I'll share one...not too sure if it's a poem or a story, my mind has yet to decide where to file it...
and she bore away her days
without any love
without any affection
without even an arm to hold her
she carried forth
dragging one foot ever more slowly in front of the other...

many and common were the times she wanted nothing more than to let herself fall,
succumb to the heights and watch herself crash down into oblivion never to be seen again...

how tempting the lure
the silence, the darkness, it beckons
it reaches out and caresses her
it promises to envelop her and to never let her go
to never again let her know the pain that it always leached to her side
to lift the cumbersome burdens from her arms and shoulders
it promises to erase the tormenting voices of her mind
and to heal the ravine that flows through her ever broken and shattered heart...

an offer so sweet
how can one decline?
she is so tired, so alone
the darkness that used to be so frightening
now calls to her in the voice of a long forgotten friend...

she stumbles on
blindly walking through the storm
slipping and falling on every bump along the way
broken and bloodied, she claws to find a grip...

she put too much faith in her ability to make the journey alone
as the bit of cliff she clings to comes crumbling apart in her hands, there is no one there to catch her
and as she falls from the great heights of her perilous journey
plummeting through the opaque barriers that mask below
she closes her eyes and smiles
finally she breathes aloud...finally.

~By mc~
When nothing's going right, go left!
sandtiger replied to sandtiger's response:
Two more poems, about people I met in 3South:

= Joli =

She smiles and
it is real,
But the marks
of her suicide
are appalling
and ugly
and sad,
though her smile
is Beautiful.

= Detox =

They are like sisters
in misery, in pain,
forever linked in my mind.
One and then the other
equals both, together.
I watch as they mumble,
pull in tight,
tremble and hunger and weep,
And I think I know why
they choose the drugs
if this is how hard they fall.

~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::

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