Mellow Monday Daily Post - May contain Triggers
ddnos posted:
Good morning everyone!

Weather - 40 cloudy

Sleep - restless

Mood - Somewhere between ok and good

Plans - need to make a few business calls this morning, go to my dentist office to do some volunteer work, work on creating a spreadsheet and database, and play it by ear for the rest.
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bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings, I hate mondays. I am using my Ipad and it doesnt heave spell check so ignore all my spelling mistakes.

w: raining

s: ok

m: in the middle and also down

Plans: dishes, try to play with my dog, maybe figure how how to re-do a braclete that I made. I made a really neat bracelet but the string that I used was too think and trying to tie it was difficult. The string kept coming undone. ggrrr. So I have to use a lighter string which is to stretchy to hold all my beads.

have a good day my dahlings. muah
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sandtiger responded:
Weather: dreary and rainy

Sleep: insomnia

Mood: improved

Plans: work and then home again, home again; might have a friend coming over tonight for a write-in.

Oh, and the official truth is in! I am NOT preggers. Started my womanly time of the month this morning. Woot!

~ San
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purpledolphingirl4 responded:
Good afternoon

Weather: sunny and warm in the 50s and windy.

sleep: good

Mood: edgy and a bit paranoid.

Plans: do paperwork for a program and do a light laundry. Maybe order pizza tonight.