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Hypochondria? Kinda Sorta? Poss. Trigger
bpcookie posted:
Have you guys ever had a day when all your health issues start to worry you all at once? I know its not Hypochondria since my health issues are real, but I don't know what you call it.

Today everything is worrying me. (woman problem) My VLSC, I am terrified that my (down under) area is going to turn to leather. I know it sounds strange but that can happen when you have VLSC and I noticed that the color is changing as well. So, total freak out. I have a Dr.s apt today to check for YI/BI/UTI. My VLSC causes me problems that can imitate all of these infections, and sometimes when I see the Dr. they tell me nothing is wrong down there except for my VLSC. I have held off seeing my Dr. for 3 wks, but the infection symptoms have not improved. uuuggghhh.

Also I need to see my Dermatologist about possible cancer spots. I had one removed over a year ago, so I know what the spots look like. So today Im worried about it. uuuggghhh again.

My hair is falling out by the handfuls and its not stopping. Its awful. I have bald areas now. So thats freaking me out today too.

I also have a chest cold. I just got over Bronchitis too. This sucks. Im not worried about it but its just one more stress I have to deal with.

Also I am trying to go off of my Depakote and I think its causing my already emotional problems to intensify. Im going through peri menopause and Im either crabby or crying most of the time. The VLSC worries just add to it. So stupid of me to try to go off of Depakote, so I need to go back on it. Sometimes I do stupid stuff.

Im just so weighed down by these issues. Today is just one of those freak-out-about-all-my-health-issues days.

Does any of this make sense or am I just blabbering?
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
sandtiger responded:
It all makes perfect sense, Cookie, and I'm so sorry you're going through that ... ((HUGS))

I've had days where all my concerns come up at once, and my doc usually just attributes it to anxiety. I always second-guess myself, about how bad my symptoms REALLY are, so end up feeling guilty and down-playing it all. Even though I really have no need to feel guilty - I'm not whining to anyone for attention - I just feel like I'm troubling my doctors for no reason. Like I'm a burden and such.


~ San
:: Living is more than just being alive - Anberlin ::
bpcookie replied to sandtiger's response:
My husband is always getting on me about down playing my health issues to my Dr.s. Also, since I'm usually a happy, smiling, laughing person, even when I'm in serious pain, my husband tells me that the Dr.s don't take me seriously. Its so true. I will be in the Dr.s waiting room, chatting away, smiling, laughing, its just how I am. Yesterday my husband took me to the Dr.s and in the waiting room they had a bunch of WebMD magazines. I took two up to the front desk and asked him if I could keep them because I was in the magazine. LMAO The guy look through the magazine and said "yea, there you are". Guess what? They let me keep them. My hubby was embarrassed.

Thanks for replying honey. Im sure that it was anxiety that got the best of me. Big hugs sweetie.
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie

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