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Update on my life recently. Possible major trigger.
jselleck posted:
Hello my fun wacky crazy friends!!!! It's been one of those weeks here in the Selleck household. First, re Saturday's daily post: What ended up happening with our little truck was the right front ball bearings failed, causing damage to the spindle (????) brake drum, and brake pads. They had to replace the ball bearings, spindle, brake drum, and brake pads. Grand total, $1800.00. Can you say bye bye trip to San Antonio?? Sunday morning I had a really bad panic attack while getting ready for church. Though I was having a freakin' heart attack or something. Freaked hubbie and our friend out big time. Hubbie got me calmed down, but to be on the safe side, we went to the ER anyway. Of course had to wait because it was a Sunday, urrrgh. Had just about decided to leave, get breakfast, and call pdoc on Monday when I had another attack. About broke hubbie's hand I squeezed it so hard. At least that's what he says. Finally got me back to a room, ran some blood work, ekg (???) and other tests. Talked to a admissions counselor for the mental ward attached to the hospital that I always use, and we had just about decided to send me home and just follow up with pdoc the next day, when I had a third friggin panic attack. This one was so bad that it caused back spasms and I was yelling my fool head off, I hurt so much. So they ended up admitting me for four days. (Got out this morning.) Doc decided that since I haven't had a panic attack in like seven years that most likely it was a combination of stress and a reaction to the increase in the oxycarbaminzapine he ordered three weeks ago when I saw him last. ( I have the same pdoc outside the hospital as well as when I'm in. That's why I have the doc I do. That and he's awesome.) So a little rest and relaxation a few new meds, and a reduction in my oxy (my name for the drug) I'm home and doing much better. Hubbie got the truck back Tuesday, and thanks to a preferred customer program the dealership we used for the repairs has, we have a $100.00 credit with them now. Almost makes up for the way they totally screwed up the brakes on our little Escort the last time we used them. Almost, not quite. Another piece of good news is our tax return hit today, so we finally have some money again. May even still get to San Antonio next month. Got my fingers crossed. Haven't seen the in-laws in two years. I MISS MY NIECES AND NEPHEW!!!!

Well, that's my life. Hope everyone is having a good day. Take care. (((((HUGS)))))


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