Freaky Friday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello dahlings

Weather: hopefully nice like yesterdays

Sleep: good

Mood: not sure yet. Hard to tell these days. Being a woman (we are emotional already), Bipolar, peri menopausal and in constant pain, I will have to guess and say that I will prob. cry once or twice today and laugh my head off at least three times.

Plans: continue working on the ugly purse, maybe start another bracelet, play with the pooch, watch some of the stock show called Power Lunch and me and hubby will watch a movie tonight.

Thats all folks. muahs
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jselleck responded:
Hi guys. It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be mine?? Say you'll be mine. (lol)

Weather: Icky. Overcast, grey, and COLD!!!

Sleep: What's that??? Fell asleep around 4am or so, woke up at 9:30. Ugh.

Mood: Uhhhh, Don't know.

Plans: Laundry, laundry, and more laundry. Hubbie's on my case to catch up on everything that I've been putting off, so my Valentine's gift to him is to do my best to catch up. Washing is no problem, folding is another question. Elbow still bothering me, back occasionally, still determined to do the best I can. Hope everyone has a nice day and a great week-end.

margaroo replied to jselleck's response:
Good Afternoon my friends!

Weather: Warm and wonderful

Sleep: Not great

Mood: Irritable, tired, stay out of my way if you are married to me.

Plans: I already got the housework done I wanted to do. I need a nap to get the spasms in my back calmed down. I planned to go to IKEA, but since my day has been assbackward, I don't know.

Hugs to all, and extra to those who need them, including me.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
mercygive replied to margaroo's response:
Just popping my head in to say "Hello" and wish everyone a peaceful day. A call to a good friend here yesterday was the best idea I have had in a long time and has somewhat improved my outlook today.

If numbness and going through the motions of daily living is the closest I can get to stability, and stay there, then I am happy to struggle with my weight, to take my meds as prescribed and to feel blessed that I can almost afford to add a new medicine to my regimen to counteract side effects.

In all my happiness, I don't know why I have to relearn that my trying to please everyone is futile, and the more I spread myself to please others, the more I make everyone unhappy. I try to love unconditionally, but seldom do I get a response in kind when I need it. When I am weak and cannot perform as a trained seal, people snap and snarl at me as though I am something or someone to be tolerated. If I cannot rise above my weakness, using all of the tools available to me, then 'they' are screwed.

Weather: Cold, sun shining through clouded skies and a bit windy

Sleep: Have slept very well and consistently for a 'whole' year now.

Mood: Been coasting on mild depression for a few months, but I will take that over severe depression, irritability and unexpected highs and lows any day

Plans: After work relax at mom's or go straight home and watch a movie

Have a great weekend
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ibex7 replied to mercygive's response:
Mercy (((hugs))),

Cookie always says if you can't take any more of it, Go bipolar all over their azzes!