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Dr. G: Cognitive Decline in biploar
skypper posted:
Hi Doc,

I was wondering what information you could share regarding the topic of cognitive decline/deterioration in persons with bipolar. Is it more common/sever in bipolar I vs bipolar II?

What could be some signs, symptoms that this is happening?

And what if any steps can be taken to help minimize this in affected individuals?

Does being on or off treatment or length of treatment have an effect on this?

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Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear Sky,

Cognitive deficits in bipolar disorder are usually focused around attention, verbal memory, and executive functioning (planning and organization). It is not presently known whether those functions decline over time or are more static. Factors ssuch as depression, substance abuse, and certain medicines can make cognitive functioning worse. Some researchers believe multiple affective episodes also may be associated with a worsening of cognitive function. There are no known medicines to counteract this problem, unfortunately. I have a book on the topic of cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder that discusses these things in much more depth than we can do here -- you should be able to get a copy from your local library,

Dr. G.
skypper replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
Thanks Doc, now that you mention it I think I do remember you saying something about the book before, will check in with the library, thank you.
When nothing's going right, go left!