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    You'll never believe what I saw on tv. Possible trigger
    jselleck posted:
    Normally I hate to watch PBS, my husband loves it. He heard about an open forum that our local PBS station was going to sponsor tonight. We've watched it, and I can't believe what I've seen. Not only have they had the mayor of Dallas, but the sheriff of Dallas County, several heads of non for profit organizations who deal not only with Bipolar, but Scitsofrania, Chronic Depression, and many other serious mental disorders, but also a State Representative who not only has Bipolar but doesn't hide the fact that he has it take part. And they all came together to push a state legislature who wants to stigmatize mental illness and those who suffer from it. Also to push the same state legislature into increasing funding for mental illness treatment and research by educating the public/voters about mental illness and the lack of proper treatment and facilities especially for the poor in Texas. It's amazing that they've not only held this forum, but aren't afraid to not only talk openly about mental disorders, but how they are treated, and the lack of treatment facilities in Texas. I wish that there were more people and more stations who weren't afraid to speak as openly as the people who took part in this forum. We need more people who are this open and unafraid. One last thing, it was amazing that they aired this during the prime time hour.

    Take care my friends.

    jselleck responded:
    One more thing. I encourage every member of this board and anyone else you can think of, to write not only your state representatives and senators, but your federal ones as well. Not until those of us with a mental illness stand up and say "No more. We will no longer be treated like second class citizens, and we demand better treatment facilities and cheaper drugs," will we actually receive such treatment and medical assistance. I've done it, will you???

    lissmeanstrouble replied to jselleck's response:
    as a YOUNG healthcare worker, who jumped into her career with out necessarily having been interested in medicine growing up, mostly idolizing the grandmother I never met.
    by the way im new to this board, because Ive just begun to understand the manic side of bipolar is not just being happy, its talkitiveness, destructive behavior, can be irritable,unable to concentrate, racing thoughts, etc I come here to pose the question, could I be in the midst of mania and not know it, cause I think its normal to be like this?

    Back to the subject at hand or what I was gonna say was... that I work in an endo clinic, and so many patients come in demanding tests be run that the doctor sees no medical reason for, so the insurance companies dont pay for it, so they increase their premiums, cause they arent getting paid by patients, and theyre not getting paid by hospitals cause it was the members responsibility, and because they completely misunderstand the whole thing they blame it on the doctor for ordering a test that wasnt covered, when really its their fault for demanding unnecessary care. Same thing for medications, patients demand this pill or that pill with out understanding them. Yes there are people who do their homework and do things right, but unfortunately there are more clueless folks then bright ones.
    Im starting to understand the reason we are initiating a healthcare reform, and want to implant this idea in more folks so they are not angry with the change, so much as tolerant of it, because something DOES need to be done.

    People have been simply not trying to take care for themselves because they "know" that we are obligated to fix them when they present to the hospital, and its not free care, nothing is free, if you are not paying, someone else down the line is. This is why medical costs are on the rise, because its difficult to pay the deficit for uninsured members, and oh I lost my train of thought. Do you see where Im going with this? I hope im not completely off....

    But whats funny is, normally I dont feel so informed, or smart on any subject, normally I like to be laid back and keep to myself, but I am convinced I am going thru a manic stage, I have so many thoughts and so much to say, and no one to myelf anxiety, just thinking about everything.
    monkeybee replied to lissmeanstrouble's response:
    Hi lisameanstrouble and welcome to the board. It's very possible to not realize when you are manic. I've never known and never admit when I'm manic. The last time, my symptoms were bad so I realized I was unwell when I came down. Are you seeing a pdoc for your symptoms? If not, start there. There are also books you can read that will help you learn warning signs and steps to possibly prevent mania from escalating. The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide is a great one that I've read at the suggestion of my tdoc and several others from this board. It will help a lot to both prepare you and ease your mind. Feel free to talk and vent as much as you want here!

    Best wishes,
    monkeybee responded:
    Very cool. It's both frustrating and tiring how mental illness is portrayed in the media, what a nice change!
    jselleck replied to monkeybee's response:
    Hey liss, try Bipolar for Dummies if you can't find the Survival Guide. Both are excellent books, although I prefer the Survival Guide. Good luck.
    dibbits0530 responded:
    Hi J

    Did you know that more than 3/4 of the planet deals with a form of mental disturbance? It would be abnormal to think otherwise. Those who cannot openly relate this hurt only themselves. Mental illness is a highly feared subject because of past unknowns in the field. Hollywood never helped either.
    Take from each day, all that it gives to you, return only to it, nothing less than the very best that you have to offer.
    jselleck replied to dibbits0530's response:
    Did not know that. Although did know that a few well known actors did suffer from Bipolar. I forget who though. Something to think about. Thanks for the tidbit.

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