Tired as heck Saturday daily post. Possible triggers.
jselleck posted:
Morning all.

Weather: Supposed to be slightly warmer than yesterday. Still too friggin cold for me. Come on Spring!!!! Get here!!!

Sleep: What's that??? Fell asleep around midnight, dang cat and elbow woke me up around 6:30. sigh.

Mood: Ask me when I'm actually awake.

Plans: Laundry, laundry, and more laundry. May actually get to take a break from it tomorrow and spend the day with a friend. Got my fingers crossed. Hopefully take a nap at sometime during the day. May watch the Georgetown/Syarcus game. Haven't watched much basketball this year. And the tourney is fast appoaraching. My favorite time of year. Just wish Matt liked basketball more. Half the time he won't let me watch it. Unless IU is playing and I put my foot down. Sigh, we just were brought up differently and those upbringings clash sometimes. Take care my friends and have a great day.