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Frustrating Monday Daily Bipolar Post/ Poss. Trigger
bpcookie posted:
Hello Beeper Dahlings

Weather: very nice

Sleep: good but Im totally exhausted. Not sure why

Mood: annoyed, frustrated, crabby. But I hope all that will change.

Plans: some chores. Maybe fool around with my crafts. Entertain dog. Watch Power Lunch and The Closing Bell. Then watch tv with hubby.

I am frustrated because we haven't went on a vacation in two years all because of my VLSC pain. Its getting to the point where I see no other option but to get one of the surgeries. I can't continue to live my life trapped inside the house. VLSC has totally taken over my life and I want to be able to do the things that I used to do before. This is not a life, this is a prison. If surgery could help me, although there are no guarantees, then I need to take the chance and do it. If it fails, it fails, if it makes it worse, then I will just have to get another surgery. I want this done and over with. I don't want to be on my death bed saying "I wish I would have.......".

Love to all. muahs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
melly2210 responded:
Sorry I haven't been posting, but there's been a lot going on including a surgery, a death in the family, and finalizing things with ex over the kids.

Weather: Beautiful. Hoping to sit outside a little bit.

Sleep: good, but so not enough. did very little this morning except phone calls, paying bills (which i screwed up 3 times before they were right). and few hundred yards to get a bottle of soda and back.

Mood: Stable but sad and anxious and frustrate.

Plans: Rest. Keep praying my vision improves. Wait it out til the follow up for my doctor's appointments beginning Wed. Friday my vision, speech, equilibrium and weakness on the right side happened. They said could be a TIA, severe seizure or, of course they are blaming my bipolar and a "connectivity disorder." Discharge only said stroke info and neither the seizure of psych issues and of course my pdoc can't get me intil 3/22 to spite the er/admittance on fri. Vision not improving, but the weakness is and i am exhausted. Mixing up words, and forgetting where i've put things more and more and more unusual before. See primary Wed. Go from there I guess. Think I will nap and attempt dinner and shower.

Cookie, I understand. If surgery is the answer and it gives you a possibility to returning to life as normal, I would do it. I'll keep hoping for you. Keep hanging in there. ((((hugs))))

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
jselleck replied to melly2210's response:
((((((HUGS))))) Melly and Cookie.

Weather: Can you say drastic turn??? Rained last night, snow up in northern part of the state, cool here in DFW.

Sleep: Well..... Got 7 1/2 hours which is better than what I have been getting, so wanted more!!!

Mood: ????? Most likely manic, but I don't see it.

Plans: Took our oldest cat Jack to the vet this morning. Despite all the food we've been feeding him and the pampering, he's lost almost 2 lbs since his checkup last year, also the vet says he's dehydrated, has developed a heart murmur, possible hyperthyroidism, has a bad case of gingivitis and has lost a few teeth to boot. He's falling apart worse than I am!!! We get the blood work back tomorrow on his thyroid, and also find out then if he can tolerate the anesthesia they have to use on him to clean his teeth. Got my fingers crossed that he gets a clean bill of health after the cleaning, but don't know. I've had him for almost 12 years, not sure exactly how old he is. I got him from a friend who's mother had adopted a bunch of strays and their landlord was making them move. I complain all the time about how he's Matt's cat, not mine, but when it comes right down to it, I gotta admit I love that monster. Really hoping that if we have to put him on monthly medicine it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Heck, the antibiotic the vet gave us for two week's use was $15 and the blood work was $158. But what can I say?? We've decided not to have kids, and Peabody and Jack are very much like our kids. Heck, Peabody was really sick last night and he had me so worried I almost couldn't sleep. Thank goodness he's doing much better today and is pretty much back to his spastic self. Other than that adventure, got physical therapy this evening, then may got see a friend. Been trying to get together with her for like forever, but something always comes up. Usually on her end. Hope everyone has a good day. Feel better soon Melly and Cookie!!!!


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