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One of those days, Tuesday Daily Posts. Possible Triggers.
jselleck posted:
Morning my friends. Guess you can call it morning??? It's in the am at least, and waaayyy too dang early for me!!!

Weather: Cloudy and buurrrr cold!!!! Only supposed to get up to 54 today. Where oh where has my nice warm weather gone????

Sleep: ????? What's that???? Guess I got maybe 7 or 7 1/2 hours between Matt yelling at the cats around 1 am then trying for an HOUR to go back to sleep before finally giving in and making some of my special tea. Does the trick every time. Gotta love sleepy time tea!!! (=

Mood: Manic as hell !!! I hate to admit it, but I've finally given in and admitted it. Between the insomnia and mood swings, there's nothing else I could be. Sigh.....

Plans: Despite it being Tuesday, got a pdoc appointment, then one with my Ortho about my elbow (Yeah!!!! It hurts like hell !!!!) and finally to round out the day, one with the new counselor. )= Don't know yet what to think about her. Matt likes her, but then he's not the one seeing her. She's older, but has a ton of degrees and certificates, so she's experienced, and has treated people with bipolar before, but I still don't know. Gonna give her a few sessions and see how we click. Guess I got spoiled with the guy I was seeing. He was so perfect. Why do the good ones always close their practice or quit taking your insurance????!!!!! After all that fun, have to go to Wal-mart, Aldi's, and since we'll already be in Arlington, Joann's and maybe Michael's. One of my good friends is pregnant again so I want to make a baby afghan for her and need supplies. Busy busy day. Sigh..... Just hope my pdoc doesn't decide to put me in the hospital again. I sooo do not want that!!!! Problem is I can't take sleep aids because they give me really really bad night terrors. Just to name one side affect. Heck, I already talk in my sleep, pet our cats, and even watch tv sometimes with Matt. Oh and snore. Forgot about that. When I start cleaning in my sleep then I know I've got a problem. (= We're also supposed to find out the results from Jack's blood work. Got my fingers crossed that we'll get good news. Talked to my step mother in law yesterday who used to work in the medical field and found out that thyroid medicines can cause all kinds of side affects in both humans and animals. We actually might do him more harm than good by treating him. Not to mention we have to factor in the cost. We're barely hanging on as is. Although Matt's hire anniversary is coming up soon and there's talk that since the company is doing so well the employees might get nice raises for a a change. Would be soo nice. Well gotta run. Need to make sure everyone has clean clothes for today. (((((( Hugs)))) my beeper friends!!!!


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