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    Weary Wednesday Daily Post - May Contain Triggers
    ddnos posted:
    Good morning, everyone!

    Weather - too early to tell!

    Sleep - horrible! Tossed and turned for 3 hrs with a few tiny winks in there somewhere lol

    Mood - verging on good - better be careful that it doesn't go all the way over into the territory of good. lol (don't ask - this is what happens when you don't get enough sleep!)

    Plans - going to have coffee with my neighbor in a few hours, then we're going to Costco so I can get some gluten free bread and poly iron, and maybe a few other things; then late afternoon I will chat with my Aussiemate for a few hours or so - beyond that, it's play it by ear (the left one)

    Have a great day!

    Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
    melly2210 responded:
    Weary was a good header Debbie...

    Weather: Dropped 20 degrees overnight. Cool. Supposed to go down anpther 15-20 tomorrow.

    Sleep: Seems it's all I do lately. 16-18 hrs per day since the hospital ER visit and admittance

    Mood: FRUSTRATED. Did I say frustrated? Disappointed, hurt, aggravated,,

    Plans: Went to primary doc who said all that happened was a Conversion Disorder incident. Just more bipolar stuff. Vision is still all screwed up and they can't tell me anything more than it will return when it returns. Days, weeks, months. Exhaustion and sleep should abate about the same time. Joy joy. The people I saw as closest to me (dh, ds1 and ds2) just don't seem to give a crap. No phone calls. The occassional post on FB. No visits. No asking if I need anything. If something had happened to one of them, other than the one in TX, I'd have gotten to her ASAP (it's only an hour and 10 min away from me). Dh's family who all live within a mile haven't even called let alone stop by or at least bring a meal. Dh is working as much as he can to cover added expenses with meds, gas, and such so we can be as "normal" as possible which means I sit ruminating with no distractions all freakin day long when I am not sleeping. Just waiting for the crash into severe depression any day now. I feel abandoned and so alone right now.

    Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
    melly2210 replied to melly2210's response:
    I meant the people I saw closest to me BESIDES dh, ds1 and ds2

    Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
    bpcookie responded:
    Hey Dahlings

    Weather: nice and sunny

    Sleep: hardly any. I'm out of Lunesta and I have to get PA from my health ins. This is going to take forever

    Mood: anxious but other than that I THINK Im ok

    Plans: dishes, straighten up the house, play with doggy, watch some tv, maybe do some crafts. I made my step mother a cute purse and a matching sun hat. Hopefully I can take a nap today. *shrug*. Tonight we will watch Survivor.

    Had severe tail bone pain yesterday. It was up to a lvl 10. Hope that doesnt start up today. I have enough problems with my VLSC

    Have a groovy day dahlings. muahs.
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    skypper responded:
    Doodles, costco is probably my favorite place to shop, they just have everything and all great quality stuff!

    Melly, I'm sorry to read how you're feeling. I always feel that way when I'm sick too, have to make my own food, go out and buy my own medicine, still somehow accomplish the things that NEED doing and no one else helps except in making big messes not cleaning up after themselves and still nagging me for stuff..and it is exhausting.
    I hope you vision clears up soon, it sounds strange to me that they would say that's an MH problem, it sure doesn't sound like it to me...*shrugs* idk, i'm no doc, but it sounds suspicious

    Cookie, you are one busy bee, it makes me wonder how you get so much done!
    When nothing's going right, go left!
    skypper responded:
    Hi again, forgot to post my stuff....

    so our weather is really nice and sunny and clear today, in the 70's i suspect

    mood sucks, feel really down and lonely and just depressed

    i got hours of sleep but woke up feeling exhausted, been that way lately, maybe i'm still sick? i can breathe better now at least so that's a good sign

    Plans are to take a shower & get dressed, have to take my son to his weekly teacher meeting to turn in work, pick up other son from school, make dinner, clean kitchen, might vacuum the house as it needs it, pick up my dd from school late, she has a long day today...oh and have to return a bunch of stuff to the library, call and make a couple appointments for kids and payment extensions/arrangements for our bills-can't forget to do that or they'll be shutting us off tomorrow which would be horrible...
    Life just keeps on getting better, eh?
    When nothing's going right, go left!

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