melly2210 posted:
My primary care saw me on Wed last week after the hospital stay. He had all the records of all the tests. Was like an inch thick of papers. He went through every last one with me and explained how they ruled out a stroke and a seizure which left with the Conversion Disorder. So I accepted that, as best as I could.

DH and both kids over the weekend told me I am confused more than usual. It's taking me longer to process what they've said. I've really got to think about it before I respond. I keep misplacing things and most times, they're right in front of me and I'm up looking all over the place for them. Usually they are items that I always put in the same place every time I come in the house. I'm mixing up words horribly when I speak. My equilibrium is still way off. And of course, the right eye is still being impacted by...what I am questioning now as Conversion Disorder. I was told it impacts right brain function which is where all the issues I am having are controlled.

I'm scared. What if this never improves?

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
monkeybee responded:
I'm so sorry. Did you have a chance to discuss these concerns with your pcp or your pdoc? Maybe they can give you more insight as to when it will be better?

Cling to your support system as much as you can right now and try to be honest about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. Being open and honest with my husband and my tdoc usually helps to relieve some of my fears. I hope things get better for you very soon.