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My new PCP
ddnos posted:
For those who remember, my PCP of 22 years retired in January this year (long awaited) and I had my first appointment with someone else this past Friday. She is in ARNP as well, along with gynocology training. She used to work only with women' issues.

Anyway, from first impression, I absolutely love her! She gave me an hour and she listened attentavily, asked questions, was pro active. She did a partial physical check and found that I had enlarged thyroid glands so is ordering an ultrasound. She also asked why it had been since 2010 that I had my adrenalive levels check, and I just sort of smiled, not wanting to call out my previous PCP lol So she wrote out a script for me to get that done as she wants to see if they are as high as last check, lower or higher...I'm glad she's doiong that because the results of that could account for a few other problems...she also knows a fair amount about MAOI's, which I take, and that's very important, so she will be able to maintain my meds once all my refills are down. She just seemed very thorough and attentive and like I don't have to worry about having to remind her what she said she'd do. lol Oh, because of they enlarged thyroid, she is ordering hormmone, TSH test, and any other she deems necessary. Also, when at my other PCP, a few months ago when I had my physical, the blood work showed my kidney function low, but she said, "its not too low" but with that test, if low, you are supposed to retake that test up to 3 times in a row to see if it's low every time, if it is, then that's a high indication that there's kidney problems and they take it further. Well, my former PCP said it wasn't low enough. Maybe that is true, but I didn't trust her at that point. I forgot to mention this to my new PCP but called when I got home. She will look into it when she gets my blood tests and therefore, may have me repeat the test. IF it's normal, great, if still low, then she'll do what she's supposed to do, i.e. have it done again and again if still low each time. I take lithium, so kidney function is supposed to be faithfully checked every year, which it has been; so i just figured that even if not low enough, my former PCP would have it done again just to be safe, you know?

Anywya, my new PCP wants to see me in 6 weeks for follow up and results of all the tests. Like I saiid, I absolutely "love' her, and couldn't be more happy that I found her. I picked her out of several based only on my gut. lol I guess my gut was right, or so it seems.

Thanks for listening to my rambling
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
slik_kitty responded:
so glad you found a good doc.
ddnos replied to slik_kitty's response:
SO am I! Way cool! Wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!! lol
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown

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