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Wacky Wednesday daily post. Possible triggers.
jselleck posted:
Weather: Nice and sunny, but COLD!!!

Sleep: Slowly getting there. Almost got 8.

Mood: borderline.

Plans: Pick truck up, go to pt, the doctor's appt and some shopping in Arlington. Sigh. So sick of doctors. But this one is my back doc and I really need to see him. Wish me luck guys!!!
ddnos responded:
Weather - 40's

Sleep - very good 8 hrs!

Mood - blah

Plans - for the 3rd time since last visit with my mom, I've so far not been able to make myself go. Should be just about on the bus to go right now, but overslept - sort of on purpose. I just can't make myself go there this time. I still may go this afternoon if I can make myself do it, or try to go tomorrow, but it's normally not this hard. I'm just tired of it all. I don't like Jeff and I'm frustrated with my mom, and I haven't got to the point of just letting it go yet. Also, I haven't been doing the greatest personally anyway - not horrible, but sort of up and down. My mom doesn't understand that, but I don't expct her to. Anyway, that was my plan for today but don't know if I'll be able to do it. We'll see.
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bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings

Weather: nice

Sleep: ok

Mood: I've been crying, I wrote a post about it and it could be triggering so I won't say why on this post. The crying and the stress is causing my chronic pain to scream.

Plans: Im getting a procedure done today but its what I call a fake procedure because they will only numb the area to see if the real procedure will work. I have to have two separate fake procedures, then I have to make an apt. to see the Dr. and then they will do the real procedure. In other words, the Dr. and surgeon are money hungry rip offs. I just want the darn thing done and over with. I can not see any reason why they can't do the real procedure. ggrrr

Have a good day everyone. muahs
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Anon_51446 responded:
Evening all

Weather: Sunny but cold and windy

Sleep: Decent

Mood: More and more depressed

Plans: I ended up sleeping most of the day. I had planned to make appts today, deal with the repair guy. Everything was great. dh got home early. So I was able to not deal with the repair man. Sat down to make the calls to the insurance co and if needed all the drs to see the opthamologist I am determined to see because my vision has not returned yet. And then things went all crazy again. Vision is the decent eye went as bad as the other eye. Equilibrium all weird. Same symptoms as before. dh got me to bed where I promptly passed out to sleep and he got an emergency appt for pri care dr. i slept all day, but the decent eye returned to the way it was. shaky all over but otherwise ok. Now I am scared to go out of the house alone. <sigh>
melly2210 replied to Anon_51446's response:
And that last post was me. No idea why it posted as anon....Melly

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