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    Thumping Thursday Daily Bipolar Post/ Possible Triggers
    bpcookie posted:
    Hello dahlings

    Weather: so very nice out

    Sleep: absolutely horrible. Pain had me up all night. I hurt every where, neck, shoulders, tail bone, VLSC, procedure sight traveling down my tendons and had a horrible headache. No matter which way I laid I still hurt. Finally fell asleep for on hour due to absolute exhaustion.

    Mood: I think ok

    Plans: going to check my stocks and say "uuuggghhh, darn it, ouch, why did I ever buy that one? Are you serious!!!? ", then watch Street Signs to find out why my stocks are sucking, then The Closing Bell to confirm that they are sucking. lol. I've been wanting to make some jewelry. Need to finish a pair of ear rings, I have another brilliant bracelet idea. Play with the dog and hopefully get a nap.

    Love ya guys. muahs
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    skypper responded:
    Thursday it is...

    Weather today is cold and rainy

    Sleep was good, I should have stayed asleep and nver got up this morning!

    Mood: up & down & irritated & tired

    Plans: Nothing.
    Got up this am to get kids up & ready for school...nagging bf I need gas, i have no gas so he gives me the atm finally go to start truck to get to gas station and its dead, completely out if gas and won't start...soooooo....i tell him, he tells me why don't i take the rv and go get gas, gets in his car and drives off
    I'm not going to do that, I was so mad, he didn't even offer to help, or take me or drop off my daughter...he's always running late too but still, W-T-Fruit!!!???
    Found a small amount of gas in the garage but it wasn't enough to start my mule...sooooo...we're all home today, no school, no tutoring, no nothing, just gonna lay here in my jammies all day, cry a little, play on the puter and maybe just go back to bed...

    Do you all believe in signs?
    Well I'm now thinking maybe this is a sign that we need to be home together today, maybe something is or was going to happen and the truck not starting has kept us safe, it has happened before you know.
    So whatever, we're all tired and need a day off anyhow.

    Plus it's raining, there have been quite a few earthquakes lately and this rain & the soon to follow warmer weekend weather is going to make that worse, just watch and see.

    Well just gonna lay here for a bit and see what happens.
    When nothing's going right, go left!
    jselleck replied to skypper's response:
    ((((((Sky))))) so sorry you're having problems. I feel for ya hun!!! If my husband had stranded me with no gas and no way to get to work, school, etc, the neighbors in the next county would be hearing about it!!! But then the county line is only about less than 1/8 of a mile away. Lol. Stay safe and enjoy your day with your kids.

    Weather: Absolutely positively wonderful!!!! Started out cool, now it's in the upper 60's on the way to 73. Love it, love it, love it!!!!

    Sleep: So so.

    Mood: Okay I guess. Still manic.

    Plans: Finally saw my back doctor this morning. He's referring me to a pain specialist for my back pain, and MORE PHYSICAL THERAPY, this time for my neck. Was soooo looking forward to being done with that for a while. Sigh.... If I can get some relief for my neck pain it'll be worth it though.
    Dang truck started acting up AGAIN on the way home. So we took it back to the dealership that did the brake/wheel bearing work and THIS TIME THEY'RE GOING TO FIX IT AND FIX IT RIGHT OR ELSE!!!! Got an appointment with my pdoc, so not looking forward to it. This new tranq he put me on last week isn't helping much, but then, my mania is so bad I don't know if anything can help me sleep anymore. So tired of being tired. We'll see.

    (((((((Cookie)))))) sorry you're having problems. Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care my friends!!!!

    melly2210 responded:
    Afternoon all.

    Weather: Cold and sunny, but supposed to warm up tomorrow.

    Sleep: Still exhausted

    Mood: Depressed and just don't give a rat's bottom

    Plans: Got up and went to the OT evaluation appointment which was depressing even more. 2x week for at least 4 weeks, maybe more. So now I hurt more than I went in of course. Next stop was home depot to get the sample paint I need to do the mural on the wall. Maybe having something other than watching tv all day will help my mood. Not sure I can do it because of the wrist pain, but we'll see. Then it was off to primary care again because of the repeat performance of the hospitalization stay yesterday and the complete lack of improvement. Took dh in where he discussed symtoms I am not even noticing. My dr is on vacation so i saw a nurse practitioner who agreed that maybe this wasn't just conversion disorder and i needed to be evaluated further by an opthamologist and neurologist as soon as possible. Said she agrees it might have been a mild TIA which isn't always detectable by the tests and she was not happy that neuro tests were not done in the hospital before my discharge. So now, everything is back on the table - TIA, seizure and conversion disorder. I just give up on this. I'd just come to terms that if the vision never got better, I sleep 10-12 hours a day and if I don't I get sick. I just....want to live like I did before. I want to go in and tell my pdoc I want weaned off of all of my meds. Just to see if anything changes. I don't know if that is possible, but I think it's the best thing. And then I want to change pdocs and start over. I feel like it's my only hope

    Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
    skypper replied to jselleck's response:
    ((((((((((hugs all around!))))))))))
    man what a group we are, I think we all deserve a couple days away to unwind and relax, seriously!

    J, i'm not totally stranded, the RV is here but just the way everything went down this morning pissed me off and now I've moved into upset and over-emotional about it all...ugh....I'm too damn sensitive for my own good sometimes!
    When nothing's going right, go left!
    monkeybee replied to skypper's response:
    Hi everyone! I hope your day gets brighter!

    Weather: cold

    Sleep: little because my poor baby was sick all night.

    Mood: Better today

    Plans: Been hanging out with only my kiddos today since we've taken turns with this virus and also cleaning the house. Later, we are going to an open house for a cottage school. I have sudden anxiety about my daughter's education laying soley on my shoulders with a new baby on the way. This way she will be homeschooled 2 days a week and at school 2 days a week (with other homeschooled kiddos). Perfect! Now hoping they aren't full and that she will be accepted.

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