Frisky, Flirty Friday Post (***May contain triggers***)
skypper posted:
Mornin my peeps!

weather today is cold and rainy again, been raining all night

sleep, about 2-3 hours

mood: moving up, not so far down in the whole today

plans: take kids to school, take son to his fitness testing, pick up kids, make dinner...i really want to go to the movies tonight and see Oz, The Great and Powerful, can't tell you the last time i've been to a theatre...maybe the bf will cough up some cash so we can go eh?

thats it, have a good one, or at least try to, hugs to all who want or need them!!! Can i hug myself? Does that count?
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jselleck responded:
Morning guys!!! Love the title Sky!!!

Weather: Overcast and dreary. Supposed to rain next three days.

Sleep: Finally some good sleep!!! Got over 8 hrs.

Mood: Lookin' up.

Plans: Got a meeting with our marriage counselor and pt, then may go see a movie. Been over a year since I saw one in a theater. Like Sky I really want to see The Great and Wonderful Oz. Hopeing may finally get my wish. Garage called about the truck, it's the left ball bearings this time. Sigh. Only $400 this time, but still getting sick and tired of this stupidity. Everyone have a great day.

bpcookie responded:
Hello peeps,

Weather: raining

Sleep: not good.

Mood: cranky, irritable, bad mood.

Plans: Lots going on and need to be taken care of but today is not a good day to do it. Lack of sleep 2 nights in a row, peri menopausal, too much on my mind, too many meds that I need but can't get because Dr.s and ins. laziness *again* and trying to go off of Depakote *again* has left me moody. Oh and the dang phone ringing like crazy this morning. I can't concentrate so there for I can't answer any posts. My mind is a jumbled mess today. My dog wants to play ball wwwwaaaayyyyyyyy too early. This is a day where I should take all the phones off the hook, stay away from the computer, don't answer the door, take a lorazepam and mellow out. Thats just what I'm going to do.

OMG, and just when I thought the day was going to be one of those really crappy days.....ROFLMAO. Right now Im cracking up. LOL. Ok, so this is just what NOW happened. My dog had put her paws up against the back of my chair and she stretched and all of a sudden passed gas, REALLY loud. She then looks at her rear end like "did that come out of me???" I started laughing hysterically, tears streaming down my face and she looked at me like she was embarrassed and then just sauntered out of the room. LOL

Have a good one peeps hugs
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margaroo replied to bpcookie's response:
Good afternoon my friends!

Weather: It rained hard last night and rained off and on this morning. The sun is peeking through the clouds. I am relived the major part of the storm is gone, my fibro was killing me yesterday.

Sleep: Woke up a couple times, but thanks to medication, I would go back to sleep.

Mood: Anxious. I want to get out and I don't think I can get it together. My husband graciously agreed to do an errand for me. I am so happy we stuck it out during the difficult years. He can be wonderful to me when I really need it. Lucky, lucky me.

Plans: I am trying to get over the anxiety to get out of the house. I need to test my body so see if the medication I took for my sciatica truly healed it. So far I can't seem to get out of my PJ's.

My body seems to have healed from the nasty fall I took at a wedding last Saturday. My shoes slipped off my feet when we were dancing around the newly weds and "boom" down I went. Thank goodness I didn't bring down my pregnant daughter and there was a very strong man behind me. I've got a big bruise on my right hip. I was so embarrassed, but my daughter assured me that I didn't show my granny-panties when I fell.

Sparkle - I loved the story about Chewy. It was the first laugh of my day. I really miss having a little baby around.

Hugs to all, extra to those who need them.

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tryforever responded:
Weather: Not too chilly and a nice walking day.

Sleep: 6 hours

Mood: Level

Plans: Go for a walk then work

I loved the name of this post so had to post last minute of the day My mood has been great and im looking forward to summer...

Hope everyone has a good weekend