"Situational" Bi-Polar.
mrschelsierenee posted:
My Mother has been dealing with depression my whole life, and it wasn't until resently that I've become to understand what Bi-Polar is and the symptoms and side effects are. She has confided in me that she was diagnosed Bi-Polar a few years back, and has been on-and-off on medication. More recently, I've been seeing alot of symptoms coming back to her. I've tried to confront her to ask about her medication, and each time she gets so defensive, and has told me that she was diagnosed with "situational bipolar". Is this really a thing? What is the best way to try to help her- she is pushing her family, and now her children away, and I want to do all I can before its too late...
bpcookie responded:
Hello MrsChelsie, I have never heard of Situational Bipolar but I am not a Dr. so I can't be absolutely sure. Bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes mood fluctuations, depression and mania. Some situations can be a trigger for some Bipolars and they may react to that trigger. But that doesn't mean they have Situational Bipolar (if that even exists).

With your mother going off and on her meds, that will not help her Bipolar at all. She needs to get back on her meds and stay on her meds. That is the only thing that will help her.

As for helping her, that may be very difficult especially if the person does not want to take her meds. If she would check herself into a hospital, that would be of great help, but once again, if she doesn't want to go then there isn't much you can do. Only if she is a danger to herself or to others can you force her to go. Unfortunately if she continues on this path she will push everyone away. Sometimes a person needs to fall flat on their face before they realize that they need help. This is hard for loved ones to allow to happen but sometimes it necessary.

I'm sorry that your mother is pushing you away. Being that you are such a caring daughter, this must be horrible for you to watch. I wish you and your family the very best. Take care.
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