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    Manic Monday Daily Bipolar Post/possible triggers
    bpcookie posted:
    Hello my Beeper Dahlings

    Weather: It has went to being in the 60's to being 75 today. 75 is the predicted high. But Wed. it will be 88 and thursday and Friday will be 90 degs. Az. weather sucks. We have about 3 weeks of good weather then all of a sudden we are sweating.

    Sleep: boom, out like a light. I was in so much pain yesterday that I had to take two pain meds and a muscle relaxer, twice, along with my other meds. this knocked me out.

    Mood: pretty good

    Plans: Anything I do today will be difficult because I'm already having neck, tailbone and hip pain. I just recently developed hip/thigh pain. My guess it has something to do with the way I have been sitting. Sunday I could hardly walk, it hurt ssssooo much. The tail bone pain was agonizing. I hope it wont be that bad today cause I have a dentist apt. so I can pick up my Invisaligne. I need to work on some jewelry too because I promised two ppl earrings and another person a bracelet. Will watch The Walking Dead tonight.

    Has anyone been watching The Bible? Its great, I just wish they would go into more detail. I talk to the tv all the time and while watching The Bible Ive been saying things like "Abraham, dont do it, its a sin." "Thats evil" "Why do they have to take over a city? Can't they just build their own?".

    You all have a nice day. love and hugs and muahs
    WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
    jselleck responded:
    We don't have cable, but I am sooo looking forward to this show coming out on DVD so we can either buy it, or rent it on Netflix.

    Weather: Colder than a snow ball in an Alaskan winter. At least the sun is shinning.

    Sleep: Not enough. You would think two mornings in a row of getting up before 6:30 but knock me out, but oh no, couldn't fall asleep til 4 am, and was up by 11. Ugh.

    Mood: Tired, tired, tired. Oh, did I mention I was tired?? And cold. So want to go back to bed, but my bed has been taken over by 3 very hairy entities. (lol)

    Plans: Try to keep from turning into a human Popsicle, do laundry, fold said laundry, go with hubbie to physical therapy for him, try to keep from going insane while he's getting his feet worked on, and maybe a movie?? Not holding my breath on the whole movie thing. Someone keeps saying he's going to take me to see a movie, and yet it doesn't happen. But I love that someone, even when he's tired an cranky.

    Cookie hope you feel better soon. Word of advice. My grandmother had some of the same symptoms you mention. (hip/leg pain, tailbone pain) And they had to replace her hip again. Her's turned out to be arthritis related (disease had eaten away the entire artificial ball joint and some other bone around her hip.) Be carefull!!! If it gets so bad that you can't walk without being in pain, get to the ER right away!!!! The sooner they catch it, the better the outcome. Take care.

    (((((((((HUGS)))))) to all my wild and wacky friends!!

    ibex7 responded:
    Cookie Dear,

    My friend, Gerald, and I were just talking about the Bible series last night. We've decided to look for the DVD when (we suspect) it will be released. Neither of us has cable so, needless to say, our watching Cable Net shows is limited.

    Also, I heard that Lincoln, The Movie, is going to be relased on DVD. Would like to see it too. Have heard it is good from the Oscars show. - goat

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