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Tired Thursday - daily post may contain TRIGGERS
melly2210 posted:
Didn't see one of these for today....soooooo voila

Weather: Cool but sunny

Sleep: On the couch and eh. Exhausted

Mood: Kind of mixed. I think I am still running on adrenalin because of the week's events. Worried about what will happen once it stops because I have been riding the depressed side of things. Anxious too

Plans: Went to OT this morning. Picked up a few things at the grocery. Came home. Worked on my mural. Cleaning for ds1's 16th bday party this weekend. Trying to keep dh from overdoing things. But of course this is a major issue. I really need to start dinner, but I really don't feel like cooking, but have to.

Hope everyone is having a good day!!

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings

Weather: HOT

Sleep: good but woke up this morning with the medication shakes. Its like the alcohol hangover/shakes, but instead its medication. If Im in a lot of pain I have to take my muscle relaxer, pain med. and sometimes double my Lyrica and the pain meds cause me breathing problems so I have to take a lorazepam to help my breathing. So thats why I wake up with the shakes sometimes. blah

Mood: good

Plans: I have been ssssoooo busy today. Did dishes, laundry, cleaned bathroom, straightened up the house, my step mother called because she had a blood transfusion and chemo today, had Bible study for about an hour, whitened my teeth for two hours, played with the dog. Then me and the dog had *ladies time*, thats when we relax in bed and eat snacks and watch tv. Now I am totally exhausted and I am off to bed. Thats when ppl come knocking at the door or the phone will ring off the hook.

You all have a fabulous day. muahs
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ddnos responded:
Weather - 50's

Sleep - not good

Mood - Okish

Plans - Was busy - first had to go to the lab, had adrenaline level test to see where that's at these days, then had meeting at DVR that started out fine, but ended a mess. It was meeting with me, my dvr case worker, 2 of my assigned case workers from organization who will be working with me and the boss of the 2 case workers. Purpose of meeting was to set up contract with them,dvr, and me for to find job, then discuss what process would be. I was fine until at some point i dissociated huge and anxiety body shaking head to toe, i heard nothing that was said..i mean, i heard thier voices but all the words were jumbled together as one...i could hardly see to sign paper....then after taht, i had appt to have ultrasound on thyroid gland because enlarged, then after that walk to bank then stop at store and then home. But probalby scared them organization away at dvr meeting. if not scare them away, they scare me away lol
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jselleck replied to ddnos's response:
Weather: Fantastic!!! Blue skies, sunny, 70's, love it!!!

Sleep: Not enough. Someone woke me up.

Mood: Manic still, getting really tired of it.

Plans: Dealt with a clogged toilet most of the day. Sigh. Cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. Living room looks good, so does the dinning and our bedroom. Still need to work on the spare, but did a lot of work with my back really bothering me, so I say hooray for me!! So tired, but can't sleep. What else is new. Actually got a good night's sleep tuesday. Wish I could get some more. Too busy. Have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, plus Matt wants me to get up early so he has someone to talk him home in case he's falling asleep. His boss changed his schedule today to cover for a fellow guard on vacation, and it totally screwed his sleep up. Sigh. When it rains it pours. Anyhow, take care my friends, and have a wonderful night and blessed friday.


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