rapid cycling, family going nuts, what do I do????
muthrof32112 posted:
Ive been on nearly every med out there over the last 10 years, my family thinks my rapid cyclying is crazy but they wont listen to me when I try to talk to them....what am I doing wrong? how do I stop the ups and downs? been to DBT and CBT, coucnelling....am I crazy? Its getting worse with age and stress.....help!
slik_kitty responded:
have you tried med combos? sometimes things that don't work well alone will work better together. welcome to the board.
muthrof32112 replied to slik_kitty's response:
I just stopped caffeine completeyl about a week agao, and I noticed it made a huge difference, Im not so moody or up and down, irritable or manic....I am already taking a mixture of meds, but Im wondering: Im on a strong antidepressant and I heard sometimes they can make you rapid cycle.....maybe I should mention that to my doctor?
ibex7 replied to slik_kitty's response:
I'm a caffeine junky too, suggest one of the caffeine free beverages, coffee and energy drinks I'm not so sure about. Please do not mix meds without your pdoc's advice. I'm not a professional, butt have taken meds for 31 years. Welcome to the board, stable is a good thing.
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slik_kitty replied to muthrof32112's response:
some antidepressants can make us manic. haven't heard of them making cycles more rapid.
bpcookie responded:
Hello Muthrof, I hope your doing well today. Maybe your right, stopping caffeine may have been the answer.

Welcome to the board.
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