Bi-Polar and IQ?
josonna posted:
Im just curious if other people who r diagnosed with bi-polar have a high IQ? are good at math/ science patterns. Can think of many things at once,(which is great for analysis but evil when Im depressed)[br>Do other people wish they were dumb and happy ? Is this disorder like an OCD but dark and self loathing?[br>Does everything require an analysis?[br>Do bipolar have ptsd type issues?[br>Do you feel ADHD?[br>Are you sick a lot? Please comment:) im very very curious if its just me or?
slik_kitty responded:
bipolars do have a tendency to have higher iq's than the general public. the rest of what you are asking is mania related, when we just can't slow down our brains.
sandtiger responded:
Do other people wish they were dumb and happy?
~ No, not really ... my ups and downs create who I am ... I'd be terribly boring otherwise. ^_~;;

Is this disorder like an OCD but dark and self loathing?
~ It can be, in depression, based on the individual person. OCD is a form of anxiety, and most bipolars tend to get very anxious in either extreme, mania or depression, so OCD tendencies can get stronger then.

Does everything require an analysis?
~ Not always, although you might be inclined to while in certain extremes.

Do bipolar have ptsd type issues?
~ They can. Again, PTSD is linked to anxiety, so emergence into an extreme can make it worse.

Do you feel ADHD?
~ Personally, OMG yes. I have so many symptoms of ADD [ADHD without the hyperactivity>, it's not even funny.

Are you sick a lot?
~ Personally, not really, although I know that a lot of bipolars tend to be. Its the stress that the body have to go through with the weight and flux of the emotions that make it worse and hard to deal with.

Hope this helps.

~ San
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