Drug use for any reason
kilingtonskier posted:
I have done alcohol and a few drugs whe down and bummed out. Lucky that the come downs were horrible and I forever recall them. So when I am down--I purposely avoid any drugs aside from an antidepressant which got me back on track quickly. I am fortunate to not have a chronic problem with life.

But many people do have major happiness or chemical brain problems that leave them open to drug use to find happiness.

Alcohol and cigarettes provide many people with a legal way out. Illegal drugs do the same. Illegal drugs are a problem because our small minded communities make drug abuse a criminal offense rather thn a medical problem. Putting addicts in jail because they want to feel good is a bad idea. People use drugs because the drugs are available. And given there is no time soon when the "War on Drugs" is going to stop the big guys and cartels from bringing it in, illegal drugs should be made legal after all that can be done medically has failed for the addict. Legal drugs---no more criminals, no cartels, no cheating robbing or stealing.

And for sure---98% of population will not become heroine addicts when it becomes legal. And I will have a safer household.
bpcookie responded:
So sorry, but I have to disagree. Making illegal drugs legal won't stop cheating, robbing or stealing. It surely won't stop ppl from becoming heroin addicts.

May I also say that I'm glad you wrote your post because it gives ppl something to think about and also a place to voice their opinion.
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