Bipolar Pen Pal
Laurenanniegurl posted:
Hi, I am in need of a bipolar pen pal. I want to talk about life's issues living with this disorder and hopefully get a small support system to lean on when I am having troubles. I want it to be a two way relationship since it takes effort from both individuals to truly be supportive of each other. If you feel the same way and think you can be very candid then shoot me and email!

Thanks Lauren
sandtiger responded:
I'll be your penpal.

I love things like that.

~ San
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ANGER77 responded:
Hi my name is fiona i am in need of a bipoler pen pal i want to
talk about life issuies living with bipoler and how you cope , i want it to be a two way relashionship as it take,s affect on individule,s for us both, i feel the same way,and think that i can be very helpfull and supportive towards you thank you fiona x
ANGER77 replied to sandtiger's response:
well how and what do you do to cope with you,re be the wright
pen pal if you feel the same way
flasunshine62 replied to ANGER77's response:
Hi my name is Sandy and I could really use a pen-pal I have bipolar disorder and see a physiatrist every 2 months ...I also suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis ...I would really like to find a lady around my age 50 to help each other out when it gets really dark to lift each other up ...Please contact me if anyone is interested...Thank you ! Sandy
captain_stoner replied to sandtiger's response:
What kind of pen pal?? Smail mail or emial?? I'm in need of both. Saw your post in a search and thought I would send you a reply in hopes you are still interested.

Captain Stoner
emiwe26 responded:
I was just diagnosed last month with a mix of bipolar 1 and rapid cycling. I would to have an email pen pal. If anyone is interested please let me know. If you want to know more about me;
I am a female, 28 years old and from the south