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Tickle Me Tuesday Daily Bipolar Post/ possible triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello dahlings

Weather: it will be warm today.

Sleep: pretty good but I feel exhausted still

Mood: ok I guess

Plans: I have a pain specialist apt. today. I hope the NP can write a procedure request. Last night I had one of my VLCS break downs or at least that is what I call it. Sometimes I lose hope that I will ever be with out pain. I'm tired of taking pain meds., all they do is mess up my concentration and seldom help my pain. I feel like I live in a bubble, a painful bubble. Oh well, you guys here the same stuff from me all the time.

Have a good day. muahs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
monkeybee responded:
Hello sweet friends! Hope you're all having great days!

Weather: upper 40's

Sleep: about 6 hours but I woke up at least 5 times

Mood: anxious and irritated and still down

Plans: following my new schedule again today. It has already helped me to better wrestle the chaos in my house but it hasn't helped my mind so far. I keep thinking I'm better, I'm over this depression, and then I find myself even more unstable than before. I find myself afraid of my impulses and overwhelmed by everything. This is why we're trying this, something has to give. Hopefully it works.
ddnos responded:
Cookie, good luck with your appt today, and I hope they write up a script for the procedure today, and for it to be done ASAP! I'm sorry that you've been in pain for so long! It's easy to lose hope when that happens, but try to hang on, Ok?

Weather - I see sun lol

Sleep - good, with the help of temazepam

Mood - good, with the help of provigil lol (what would we do without meds? lol)

Plans - Need to call former boss to set up appt with him to see if he has an volunteer positions that I would like as future job. Need to do that for my work with DVR and the vendor I'm working with. I hav to volunteer somewhere for 2-3 weeks for them to assess my skill and social skills. Need to do groceries taht i keep putting off...will work on my short story as much as possible today; I would like to finish it before my tdoc retires beause she's been intricately a part of it - she even refers to it a lot in therapy (different parts of it) so I want to bring it 2nd to last session with her and us read it together. There will be one last section that I wont' be able to complete until she retires, at which time, I will have it bound and mail it to her for a gift. So, I just hope I can finish it! I've had writers block lately, but I'm hoping that will be done with! I may stop by the dentist office today to see if there's any work i can do - depends on if I can see my former boss this afternoon or not. My tech guy said he has time available this afternoon, so we'll see.

Ok, have a great day!
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
bpcookie responded:
changing my mood to NOT good at all. I'm depressed again due to this dang VLCS. In a lot of pain and I don't want to drug myself up. I'm tired of pain meds.

Thanks Debbie honey, your a true friend. Oh, btw, I miss read your reply and I thought you said "I hav to volunteer somewhere for 2-3 weeks for them *asses* " LOL I thought you were calling them names. lol, too funny.
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie
ddnos replied to bpcookie's response:
LOL Well, that wouldn't have been too far off, Cookie! LOL
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
monkeybee replied to bpcookie's response:
Hope you feel better Ms Cookie. ((hugs))
bpcookie replied to monkeybee's response:
Monkeybee honey, thanks so much. I hope you mood improves soon. Big hugs to you sweet pea. huggers and muahs
WebMD Health Ambassador, BpCookie

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