Grumpy Groupies/Fun Post
bpcookie posted:
Hello newbies and oldies, just wanted to invite you to my board called Grumpy Groupies. . The oldies already know about the board and they visit and harass me quite often. hehehe Only kidding. Anyways I wanted to invite the newbie to my board. Beware, the board can get a bit silly and on the adult side, you know, rated PG 17. Here is the site addy

If you can't get to it by clicking on the addy above then you can get to it by scrolling all the way down passed the last post on this board, you will come to a place that looks like this

See Related Mental Health CommunitiesYou may need to hit the little button in the corner that says *more* and it will bring up some other boards including mine. So just click on it and *poof* you are there.

p.s. There is a post called *You Did What* where you can add some of your funny stories
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