Missed Birth Control
An_251107 posted:
I literally have never ever in my life messed up my birth control butlast week amd the week before let's just say my birth control should been through about Wed (that's when the white pills continued until) I didn't really feel like having my period all month which is the first time I've done this, so I started taking my BC on Friday. I missed Saturday and Sunday and Monday and tuesday. I didn't take it yntil Wednesday. I took two wednesday and two Friday. However, I then had totally unprotected sperm totallly inside me sex on Sunday. idk if the birth control still wass in by then. I have this gut feeling I could be preg but idk i mean I always have been so good w my bc but I kniw it's normally the three day rule and I broke that. Alsp is there anearly test I could take? I've been drinking and taking Zoloft
sandtiger responded:
I would give it just a little bit of time. Talk to your gyn doc to see if they want you to temporarily stop taking your bc [sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, depending on what kind it is>.

The earliest you can do a semi-accurate pregnancy test is a week before you're due to have your period. Although, that can change depending on your bc and when it needs to be taken and how it works.

For now, kind of hold off on drinking or [if possible> from sex, and speak with your pdoc about the Zoloft, let them recommend a good course of action for the possibility of your being pregnant versus not.

Good luck,
~ San
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