Ugh, not another Tuesday!!! Possible triggers.
jselleck posted:
Gonna be so busy today!!! I'm sick of being busy. Just want to hide from the world and not come out. Sigh.....

Weahter: Blue skies, sunshine, and slightly warmer. Maybe low 60's by this afternoon?? Right now it's COLD!!!

Sleep: 10 blessed hours!!! Yes!!!! Sleep, glorious sleep, glorious sleep, sleep!!! Love it!!!

Mood: Feeling good. Hoping the turn is right around the corner......

Plans: Hoping not to do anything, but alas and alack, plans were changed. Hubbie needs a haircut, have to go grocery shopping, and I have a pdoc appt this afternoon. Yuck!!!! But hubbie was insisting that I go into the hospital last wednesday when I saw him, and this was the compromise. Sigh. At least it's only one appt. Not the crazy supper busy days we have been having at least. Have a nice day guys!!! Take care.

bpcookie responded:
Oh J honey, Buy some junk food when you grocery shop. I think I buy more junk food than good food. Have a good day doll. hugs
We will be friends until we are old and senile,.........then we will be new friends!!