Finally Friday Daily BP Post
BpFiorentino posted:
weather: nice and cool

sleep: could use more but i have too much energy

plans: spoke to Cookie this morning and it was a lovely surprise to hear from her. im going to have a couple friends over later so thats going to be fun.

anything else: no thats pretty much it. oh i have a new nephew and he is just precious. hes got my chin.
bpcookie responded:
Hello dahlings, welcome back Taylor. Now the party begins. lol

Weather: hot hot hot, just like me babies. hahaha

Sleep: sucky. Was in a lot of pain and had to take a Hydrocodone which makes me hyper and it didn't even help the pain. ggggrrrrr

Mood: good

Plans: hhhmmmm not sure yet. I have some unfinished projects, bracelet, purses and a cute hat. They are all laying around waiting for me to finish them. Its movie night and me and the hub will watch a movie. He will drink his wine and I will watch him and wish I could have a glass but my medication does not allow it. Besides, my brain is foggy enough with out the help of alcohol. lol

Have a good day dahlings. muahs
We will be friends until we are old and senile,.........then we will be new friends!!
monkeybee replied to bpcookie's response:
Hello friends!

Weather: cold (but warming up)

Sleep: good

Mood: good

Plans: NO KIDDOS (except my own, of course) today and all of next week. I have freedom! I can leave my house! Today I've already gone to Target which is a major big deal for me, lol. Now just going to get my house clean so I can relax and enjoy this Easter weekend!

Have a great day! (((Hugs))) to all!
BpFiorentino replied to bpcookie's response:
Cookie that med makes me hyper too when i take one, i usually take oxycodone.