Thank God it's Good Friday!!!! Daily post, possible triggers!!
jselleck posted:
Hope no one else is doing this....

Weather: Was overcast, sun is trying to come out now. Supposed to be warm again. We'll see.

Sleep: Again, 8 1/2 glorious hours!!!! Maybe now I'll lose some of the weight I gained. )=

Mood: Hopeful...... we'll see though.

Plans: Hubbie's hours got changed around this week-end which means he doesn't go in to work til 10:30 tonight. So once he's up we're going to buy our ham and a few other things for Easter dinner. Depending on what time he gets up and his mood may talk him into taking me shoe shopping so I have something nice to wear with the dress my friend's mom gave me. You know, when I was young I hated hand me downs. Now I love them!!! Guess when it's your money you're spending it kinda puts a damper on things. Especially when you're as well endowed as I am. (and that's all I'm saying.) IU got beat last night, of course they played horribly so they deserved it, still was hoping for at least an elite eight appearance out of them. Sigh.... The only thing that will make this okay is if Louisville and Michigan lose today. Got my fingers crossed. However, if Louisville does make it all the way, soooo glad I'm not living at home still and will have to hear about it for two weeks!!!! I HATE HATE HATE University of Louisville and University of Kentucky men's basketball. Growing up in Corydon that's all I heard about. It's like the Louisville media was blind to anything that happened in Indiana. I remember my freshman year of high school our boys basketball team won sectional for the first time in like forever, and for the first time that season we actually made the sports section of the Courrier Journal. Rediciouls !! We won district, we won our conference, just about everything you could name, we won. Not a peep. My senior year, our girls volleyball team shocked the whole region by beating Floyd Nobs and winning their Sectional. Not a peep. And that my friends, is why I don't work for public media. Or any type of media. Too biased and shock driven.

Oh well, I've been on my soap box long enough. Everyone have a great Easter week-end.

monkeybee responded:
Jess... better watch out talking smack about my birds, lol!! We're going all the way. Did you really think you were going to get away with not hearing about it now when you're friends with me? :op
melly2210 responded:
Afternoon all....

Weather: Sunny and beginning to warm, but still breezy and cool.

Sleep: Ok, but nearly enough

Mood: Cranky, irritable, migrainey and of course...depressed

Plans: Went to my OT appt and it hurt like he double hockey sticks. Couldn't do the full hour and it was someone who was filling in and she worked my hand over on a massage thing which really did it in. Grabbed a Subway lunch, went to the YMCA to try to apply for a scholarship membership. Apparently, they feel that out combined income of about $1500/mo for 4 (included the boys with the summer coming up) would still require a $50 joining fee and a $34/mo payment. So we will not be doing the Y. SMH. Now I am getting that daily headache. Gonna cook dinner later. And that's it. Might squeeze in a nap in a bit. We'll see.

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson