College student with bipolar 1
melmark posted:
My son has just been diagnosed with bipolar 1. He is on meds. He is a Junior in a state college & lives in a frat house. I live 3 hours away. How can I help me & make sure he is alright?
ibex7 responded:
My junior year at college was the most difficult for me and I knew there was something upsetting me emotionally. I almost quit school but decided to continue to graduation. I finished 324 in a class of 336. Lackluster, huh? But then I knew something was very wrong.

Without a dx of bipolar II until I was 35, my life moved from okay to troubled. I've had 29 jobs before retirement,, and the later ones were best because of stability due to medication and a reliable pdoc. The stress of fraternity living may be difficult for your son and distracting from his studies. Good luck and stay close to his situation.
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