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lump under jawbone
strunevic posted:
hello to all MD readers,

im here to shed some light on my situation at hand. here is what went down. i recently, mid march 2013, went to my local family doctors office to ask him what this lump on my back muscle( lower right side) was. it was there for years and grew over time. he checked it out, and stated that he figured it to be a lipoma. it was causing pretty severe back pain, so i got him to remove it. my doctor had it sent in to get it checked, but i never got any information returned about it. i could only assume it is what he thought it was originally(phew). thats not my concern now though. after a couple weeks of pain and healing i have found yet another lump(yikes). this lump is located just under my right jaw bone. and i know what you all are thinking, swollen lymph node right? well it is not. i have fallowed where my lymph node goes and it is about the sizes of the top section of one finger. the lump on the other hand is smaller, about the size of a small thumb tack. which it can only be felt when i point my jaw straight up to the roof, or turn my head to the left. and what truthfully concerns me is i have never noticed it there before. not until after i got the one removed from my back. its been there for a little over a week, and causes severe pain. my jaw is on fire, and i don't have any troubles swallowing. i have had heavy drinking problems in the past, and i do smoke cigarettes. there is a history of cancer in my family, both grand parents on my dads side have past away due to cancer. my father has never been checked for it, so on that note i do not know. i just turned 23 this year, and cancer is weighing pretty heavily on my mind. i am going to book an appointment with my doctor this up coming week as soon as possible, just to be safe. but if anyone can shed any light on this subject, please don't hesitate to reply. thanks and best wishes to all.
bpcookie responded:
Hello Strunevic, I'm sorry about your condition. I think your on the wrong board. This is the Bipolar Support Community, I think your looking for the Cancer Support Community. Good luck to you.
We will be friends until we are old and senile,.........then we will be new friends!!

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