Do I have Bipolar Disorder?
An_251387 posted:
Basically, my parents have gotten a divorce lately. I've been so concerned of my future with my boyfriend and ending up like them that I have almost forced him to promise to stay with me. I have these moments of on and off sadness. I feel happy one moment and right when my mind is clear, I think about things that bother me and how i'm always worried that now my boyfriend will leave me. I'm too afraid of my future now and i've lost all hope in things. My grades have fallen and I can't bring myself to care. I haven't been hanging with friends as much, i've been trying to avoid my house.Since my mom left my dad for another guy, I am mad and angry at her but i'm too afraid of my own mother. I can fight with my dad but I can't bring myself to talk to my mom like that.I know I shouldn't want to disobey but I can't bring myself to ever break rules because i've been actually afraid of my mom for years. Other than that, i'm losing friends and such but does this sound like anything to you?
slik_kitty responded:
it could be situational depression because of the divorce, but i'm not a doc and can't say. only a pdoc can diagnose you.