Crashing Symptoms
An_251442 posted:
I am bipolar (along with PTSD and numerous physical issues). This has happened to me several times (and I unfortunately don't realize it until I'm in the middle of it.) Sometimes when I get "manic" (this last time I had a whole bunch of schoolwork due) I stay up late (3:00-4:00 AM for 2-3 weeks, only went to sleep after taking Seroquel. At the end of this marathon I had a rather critical review on a photography project - on the way home I started getting dizzy and having a difficult time staying focused - almost ran off the road a couple of times. When I got home I just laid back until the dizziness went away (my body actually went clonic) but when that was over I felt drained and very depressed. I have not read what the symptoms of crashing are - and wonder if that's what I experienced. This was not the first time - I get concerned about driving, but how would I know what's going to happen?
slik_kitty responded:
the dizzyness and stuff is probably due to lack of sleep. sounds like you did crash though.