I find myself all alone at times - no support
wiccanwillow65 posted:
My family has disowned me ever since I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. My daughter calls me the Bi-Polar psycho bitch from hell and tries to break her father and myself up. I have a good counselor but only see her once every two weeks and it is hard for me to talk to her about some things. I have a good doctor but it doesn't seem like my medications are working anymore and am not sure how to talk to him about it. I have been through ECT and so many medications, been through DBT skills workshop and alot of other workshops on how to deal with Bi-Polar right now I am at the point of giving up once again.
slik_kitty responded:
welcome to the group. keep trying. sometimes you need to go back and retry old meds in new combinations. the right meds are out there for you.