Monday Morning Blues Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello my dahlings

Weather: OUCH

Sleep: good. I am sooooo glad that I got my Lunesta back

Mood: so far so good which is a nice change. Lately I have been feeling down because my VLSC pain has been so bad. On Sat. I started slowing down on the pain meds because I was feeling so dang doped up. My head feels so much clearer now. I also went back on my Depakote because of my depression.

Plans: Ive already taken my dog for a walk. It was at 8:00 this morning, it was already too hot out, I was still dopey from my sleeping pill and my dog took me for a drag. No such thing as walking in her book. I also did a few things to make the house cooler. My extra work is done for the day.

Hope your all doing well. hugs and kisses to all my dahlings on this board.
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