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29tlc posted:
Today is my birthday and I new i didnt want to cilibrate it this year because i just lost my grandmother who I was extreamly close to my dad has found a new family I was diagnosed with bipolar and have a job I cant stand, my daughter was just diagnosed with ADHD and my son starts therapy this week for depression and enxiety. Its been a tough year and today is one of those days you look back at your life and think wow what have i acomplished well me its being a mother which i am more then greatful for but then i see what there going threw and it breaks my heart to know that everything they are going threw is passed down and I worry about them so much.

This morning started out with a phone call from my grandfather telling me happy birthday when it used to be my grandma who was he first to call and I could hear him trying to not to cry on the phone which upset me because I wanted to hear her voice as well.
Then a text from my dad saying happy birthday love you. thats it no phone call nothing he found himself a new family new kids and all he just started seeing this lady 6months ago and was a huge part of my life before her and her family.
So while getting ready for work drying my hair i lost it and i havent had a good day all day.

I cant wait for another day.
bpcookie responded:
29tlc, Im so sorry that your birthday wasn't a good one. Also its hard to be reminded of a loved on who has passed. How long ago was it that she passed away? I hope that your birthday next year won't bring you such bad memories.

As for your father, it may help if you tried to be close to his new g/f. Maybe you could call her and talk to her, get to know her better. You may find end up with her being a friend. And if your close to her, it will bring you closer to your father. My uncles wife passed away many many years ago. When he remarried, nobody wanted to give his new wife a chance. So I got to know her and Im so glad that I did. I adore her. It has brought me and my uncle closer together too.

Take care and Happy Birthday
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29tlc replied to bpcookie's response:
My grandmother passed away at the end of jan. so every thing is still hard to believe.

As for my dad this isnt the first time he has left his family for another women the first time I was 12 and was close to her as well but then she changed and thought it would be better that her and there new son moved away and then he just stopped calling again I was twelve. they got devoreced two years later and I let him back in to my life and my kids.

This new girlfriend I thought was going to be a great thing I had them over for christmas and was so excited for my dad becuase it was the happiest I had seen him in along time. Then one day he stopped calling wouldnt return mine or my brothers calls. my kids started saying things cause there 7 and 10 so they noticed grandpa wasnt coming around any more when he was over at least once a week. I even tried to call after my grandma died and he said im sorry to hear that but ive got to go put the kids to bed. There not even his kids and he just started dating her in oct.
So I have decided I dont need him coming in and out of my life when he wants I have a step dad who has never done that.

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