Looking for Parents of Children that have Rages
An_243468 posted:
I am looking for other parents whose children suffer from anxiety, ADD, sensory integration, and mood regulations. My son recently started taking trileptal, which was added to intuniv and amantadine. He has taken abilify in the past which helped, but we refuse to have him on something that causes sedation and makes him gain weight. The doctor told us to not focus on one episode, but look at patterns in his behavior. For example, we might notice a good pattern for about a week for or two with maybe one or two rages instead of one everyday. It's very discouraging when he has a good week and then there is an episode where he putts a hole all the way through the plaster. I am not sure how to tell if the medicine is working. I'm also not sure how to get him to access his thinking part of the brain and do things his therapist suggest when he is angry instead of breaking things. [br>[br>I'm just curious if anyone else has a child who is on trileptal and if it helped them and how long it took.[br>[br>Thanks!