geodon, seroquel
An_251978 posted:
My husband has parkinson disease for over 8 yrs. He had three deep brain surgery. The last one he had done end up in the nursing home, but he is back home again. While he was at the facility, he was given geodon, seroquel, baclefen, and ativan. He was over drugged.
I took him to veteran hospital and let the neurologist see him and showed him what he was given at the nursing home. The neurologist was shocked and told his boss(the chief doctor), and the chief was also so shocked. They told me not gave him any more pills. They could make his parkinson worse. Some how, they are so expensive that I couldn't afford them so I didn't buy them even though the nursing home doctor gave me prescriptions for those. He hasn't taken those ever since he got home.
My husband seems still drowsy and looks like he needed a full recovery. I don't know how long long will it take to clear for those pills from his system. It is very dangerous. I am surprised he Is still alive. He is a little bit better and stronger now.