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Ideas for overseas volunteer trip with Bipolar II
Anon_149609 posted:
My husband and I will be moving overseas for at least a year to volunteer in 6 months. I am currently on 200 mg Lamictal. It is working well, but I am concerned with keeping the prescription during our trip. My current ideas are (1) drop medication completely, I lived for 10 years witout a diagnosis, what is a couple more? (2) trying a balanced diet, daily exercise, and yoga; (3) asking my doctor about Omega-3 supplements to ease depression.

Any ideas you have would be great. I want to go into my next appointment ready with some options to discuss.

margaroo responded:
I think this is best answered by Dr G.
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Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear Anon,

If your doctor thinks that Lamictal has been helpful for you and is worth continuing, then the logistical question might be to find out from your pharmacist and/or insurance carrier what provisions can be made for a bulk supply to cover you while you are overseas. It may also be worth finding out if Lamictal is available in the country you'll be going to, and if it would be feasible to find a doctor in that country who could prescribe it for you (and monitor your condition). Your doctor would be the best person to offer you recommendations about whether other medicines or strategies are advisable if, for some reason, Lamictal could not be procured while you are overseas.

Dr. G.