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ddnos posted:
Good morning, Everyone!

Weather - cool 45; forecast 56

Sleep - that's all I've done since yesterday

Mood - moody, cranky, ok, depressed, weepy

Plans - clean this messy house - not as bad as it looks, just cluttered, not dirty, but still, driving me nuts; hope to get out to exchange some shoes i purchased last week, make bank run, maybe work on story - would like to finish it before my tdoc retires in september (tentatively) but it's going to be a miracle at the rate I'm going.

Have a good day
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DizzyJgirl responded:

Weather: grey, okish temps

Sleep: good

Mood: ok but a bit irritable

Plans: went to the gym, had Physical Therapy for my shoulder, now I need to get some errands done and go to the store. Suddenly tired though and don't want to do anything.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Debbie, good luck with your cleaning and think about how good it will feel to have it done.
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