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biPolar555 posted:
I am new to this group and am glad I found a place where I can talk to others who understand how I feel and what I am experiencing.
I was diagnosed with mixed mania bipolar disorder last year. I'm sure I've had it most of my life, but no one ever diagnosed it until then.
I am having a real problem with working right now and don't know what to do about it. Most days I don't want to get out of bed, and on the days I do go to work I can't focus on anything for very long. I am on multiple medications and have been for a while. Bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses run in my family and my mom has suggested that I try to get disability since working is getting so hard for me. I don't want to if I can avoid it-I have a degree and could have a really good job but I can't make myself take anything other than an entry-level, high school diploma kind of job, and even that is hard for me to do. Is anyone else out there having a similar problem? I have had 7 jobs in the past 5 years and have left every one because I felt overwhelmed and like I was messing it up.
slik_kitty responded:
welcome to the board. can you take some time off from work to work on yourself? talk to your pdoc about your work issues and see if any med changes will help you. discuss with him taking fmla leave from work to work on yourself. it would be a good time to do some iop therapy to help you learn new coping skills so you are better able to work.
ibex7 responded:
Would also like to encourage your growth. Hope you find a great support here.
Sometimes you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.
biPolar555 replied to ibex7's response:
Thank you so much. I will be on here a lot because it seems like something that would be good for me.
biPolar555 replied to slik_kitty's response:
I haven't really thought about it. I do have short term disability and will check with the benefits department at work to see if my condition qualifies. Thank you!
ibex7 responded:
Please take some time in your own experience to respond to people here on the WebMD BP board. Many new bipolars visit here to examine their experiences, and encouragement from like sufferers help to speed their adjustment as they also seek therapy and psychiatric medications.

Thank you for speaking up and making yourself available to others.
Sometimes you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.

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